Refinancing a Loan

Getting a different loan (or refinancing) can be useful for a range of reasons.  Maybe:

  • you signed up for a high interest rate or high fees when you took out your loan,
  • you’ve reached the end of your initial loan period and want to take out a new loan instead of paying out the rest of the loan, or
  • interest rates have dropped and you want to see if there is a better loan out there for you?
  • your life is changing (change of job, maternity leave, buying a home) and you want to reduce your loan repayments,
  • and lots of other reasons.

We can look at getting a better deal on your loan for any of these reasons, and more.

Refinancing can help to reduce the cost of repayments so you have more money left to spend on other areas of your life – like a home loan, an investment or saving for a holiday. It can also allow you to make extra payments to pay it off quicker, or reduce any big final payment at the end of the loan term.

Refinancing a loan is just like taking out a new loan, so again you want to treat it like a dating game with the lender and make sure your finances look their best when you are ready to apply for a loan!  I’ll guide you through this in my reviews and insights so you get the best possible loan for your needs.  Then when you’re ready to refinance just fill in my Enquiry Form and I will connect you with the people who my research shows will give you the best rates, best loans and best service.  If you have any questions along the way just let me know – I’m here to help!