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Hi everyone, I am Rachel and I have had at least my fair share of frustration with loans over the years!About Rachel

I am a finance broker and I have seen plenty of clients with loans that are completely wrong for them.  They’re paying too much in repayments, or struggling to make the repayments, need a different loan to improve cashflow in their business, want to buy a home or investment property but can’t work out how to achieve it, and lots of other scenarios!  Everyone’s circumstances are different and that’s what makes working in finance so interesting – it’s all about finding the best outcome to achieve your goals.

The reason I created this site was to help people get a better deal when buying houses, buildings, businesses, units, land, cars, motorcycles, boats, caravans, equipment and so on!  To help you cut through the advertising and get an honest assessment of what will suit your circumstances.  Also to give great options when you want to refinance your loan or buy a new car or equipment.  To do this I am going to share my personal ‘insider’ experiences with you and what I have discovered while working in finance.

If I say something that gets your interest I ask that you get involved in my site.  I love talking about loans and if you have anything interesting that you want to share or opinions on any of my site content, please say so.  I love feedback.

A bit about me…

I have been a property investor for more than 20 years so I have had had some good, bad and ugly experiences with banks and other lenders.  I have experienced first hand the frustration of a bank telling you that you can’t borrow any more money, and I have shopped around to find a lender who would let me buy that next property.  I studied to be a finance broker so I could avoid that sort of struggle again with my own lending but also so I could share the knowledge with people like you to help you achieve your goals without wasting lots of time and stress to find the best solution.

If you ever need any support with your finance, I am happy to help.  Simply leave a comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly because I am always updating it with the great ideas and information that I find for you.

Thanks for visiting and I wish you all the best with your loans!



Founder of RRLoans

Rachel Randall is a credit representative (CR No. 467662) of Buyers Choice Licensing Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No. 509484)